Bollywood Nepotism Exist? Time for Positive Action..


We all are not able to accept his sad demise and most importantly as Anupam Kher Sir has mentioned why it has lead to his death. There are various versions going out in media but most of it is leading to he being boycotted within the industry and he was under depression and having friends to talk too. SSR used to reserved from childhood and that less friends and we believe because he was from the intelligent tribe and not a chamcha type.

We all have a hint that Nepotism exist in Bollywood and in other industries as well Sports , Politics , Corporate etc. The people who are in position of power and money together would be able to practise it. Because of these Govt of India had introduced Competition Commission to control the unjust business practices. It is time we start to address the intangible (Mental Health , Emotional Health ) and tangible affects (Loss of Business , Job etc ) of these practices.

There was movement started in US last year #MeToo which was started by women who were used/abused by the powerhouse of film industry and it spread around the world and made a powerful impact. Such acts would have definitely will be reduced now and give more power to women. #Metoo was about women openness. We want to start a movement which is related to Nepotism and affects on Mental well being where a educated , well off person like SSR has to commit suicide. This was the mind game played by Bollywood which lead to this. Deepika Padukone, Murali Deoara spoke about their mental issues recently and Deepika also has a foundation Live.Love.Laugh to promote mental wellbeing.

We are looking at starting a movement #SSRWINS on social media for the following objectives :

  1. Highlight if you are victim of Nepotism in Entertainment , Sports , Corporate or any other area. How it happened , how it affected you and how you deal with it .
  2. This is not targeted towards any one person or company or Bollywood alone
  3. This is about finding solutions, creating a support system for the people who are affected by Nepotism or other reasons and how we can help each other at this hour.
  4. We believe we can support each other in many ways by listening, offering solutions, connecting with people who can help, collaborate with each other to create. This is law of nature that we all are connected with each consciously.

This would be our tribute to SSR that what has happened with him and is not repeated with anyone else especially in Bollywood industry. SSR should WIN.

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